Large Submarine Pieces,
well delineating the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea,
the Prerie or large Sea-meadow upon the Coast of Provence,
the Coral Fishing,
the gathering of Sponges,
the Mountains, Valleys and Desarts, the Subterraneous Vents and Passages at the bottom of that Sea ;
the passage of Kircherus in his Iter Submarinus when he went down about Egypt,
and rose again in the Red Sea.
Together with a lively Draught of Cola Pesce,
or the famous Sicilian Swimmer, diving into the Voragos and broken Rocks by Charybdis,
to fetch up the golden Cup,
which Frederick, King of Sicily, had purposely thrown into that Sea.

Große Seeweide Korallenfischerei Einsammeln von Schwämmen Mundus Subterraneus des Athansius Kircher Mundus Subterraneus des Athansius Kircher Colapesce