A Picture of the noble
Entertain and Feast of the Duke of Chaulnes
at the Treaty of Collen, 1673.
when in a very large Room,
with all the Windows open,
and at a very large Table he sate himself,
with many great persons and Ladies;
next about the Table stood a row of Waiters,
then a row of Musicians,
then a row of Musketiers.


Charles d'Albert d'Ailly (1625 - 1698)

genannt "fat pig" ("gros cochon") oder "duc damné", 3. Herzog von Chaulnes
Offizier, französischer Botschafter in Rom und Köln (Collen), Gouverneur der Bretagne: he could not stem the tide of the revolt of the papier timbré in 1675 and demanded intervention from the royal armies and punishment of the rebels – his violence towards the rebels alienated him from his Breton noble allies
1693 entlassen, Gouerneur in Aquitanien.