Doubtless we should have driven on
without accomplishing a thing,
we had notg summoned up the nerve,
exchanging one of those swift glances,
to at least take a look to the garden.

Rambling With W. G. Sebald in East Anglia

ON an August morning in 1992, Winfried Georg Sebald — known as W. G. to the literary world and Max to his friends — set out from his home in Norwich, England, to travel more than 80 miles on foot to the once-important towns and villages around Suffolk County, in East Anglia, a region of expansive wheat fields, green wetlands and medieval churches. Sebald — who died in a car accident in 2001 — had lived in this pocket of England with his wife, Ute, since 1970, after leaving his homeland, Germany, as a young man...

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