Das Haus

in der Nacht
durch die Fenster
der Schein
der Flammen

FYN 11

I saw

this house
on a hill
in the night
& through
the windows
the flames

Tess Jaray

The Great Fire of London ist eine Feuersbrunst, die vom 2. bis 5. September 1666 vier Fünftel der City of London, darunter die meisten mittelalterlichen Bauten, zerstört, etwa 100.000 Einwohner obdachlos macht, aber nur wenigen Menschen das Leben kostet.
Il retorno in patria: Der Erzähler kehrt von Wertach mit Schwindelgefühlen nach England zurück und liest in Samuael Pepys Tagebuch:
Having seen as much as I could now, I away to White Hall by appointment, and there walked to St. James's Parks, and there met my wife and Creed and Wood and his wife, and walked to my boat; and there upon the water again, and to the fire up and down, it still encreasing, and the wind great. So near the fire as we could for smoke; and all over the Thames, with one's face in the wind, you were almost burned with a shower of firedrops. This is very true; so as houses were burned by these drops and flakes of fire, three or four, nay, five or six houses, one from another. When we could endure no more upon the water; we to a little ale-house on the Bankside, over against the 'Three Cranes, and there staid till it was dark almost, and saw the fire grow; and, as it grew darker, appeared more and more, and in corners and upon steeples, and between churches and houses, as far as we could see up the hill of the City, in a most horrid malicious bloody flame, not like the fine flame of an ordinary fire.
Und andern Tags ein stiller Aschenregen - westwärts, bis über Windsor Park hinaus.

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