Vegetable Horns
mentioned by Linschoten,
which set in the ground grow up like Plants about Goa

Also there is a thing to bee wondered at, and seemeth unpossible to such as have not seene it: and this it is within towne and Iland of Goa, at the one end of the towne, where the Kine, Oxen, Shepe, and all kind of cattle are killed and slaine, to be solde for meate for the inhabitants, called Matauaquas: in that place there lye all the hornes of the saide beastes scattered and throwne about, as if they were altogether unprofitable, because the Portingalls and Indians use them not, and it is likewise a great dishonour, and injurie to the Spaniardes and Portingales, to have anye hornes, or once to shew a horne ech to other, or to throw it before his doore, for revenge of which act, they would kill each other, and there is sharpe Justice used, if any man doe offend in that sort, by shwing his neighbour the horne, or naming it unto him, for that thereby they meane he is a man that is made cookolde by his wife. These hornes having laine there a certaine time, doe sticke fast in the earth, (I meane the inner part of the horne) and there it taken roote as if it were a tree, as I my selfe have seene and pulled forth many of them, that had rootes of two or three spannes in length, which was never seene in any place of the world. The cause whereof hath been sought and searched by many curious speculations of strange things, but they could never find it out, and yet the earth is verie stonie. Whereby those of Goa, most oftentimes take it in good part, to heare them selves reported to be the greatest Cornudos, or wearers of hornes in all the world, because hornes in other places may at once be put off but theirs of Goa have taken roote, and therefore it is imopssible to cut them cleane away, for that because of the rootes, they will presently growe up againe, so that they must with patience beare them as long as they live.